Day 9: Heart of the Ocean

Find the space tinted with purple
where the clouds and the ocean meet –
I will meet you there.

I have divided the ocean into
equal partitions, each of them
to be given to you, in return for
the number of kisses you gave.

I have filtered the salt from the salty sea
with the hope of building a
saltcastle out of it.
(Sandcastles have already become cliches.)

Lastly, let me sing you a song,
plucking with my sea spray guitar.
The sound of the ocean is not only in seashells –
learn how to listen, not how to hear.

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Day 8: Guilty Pleasure

Her round brown eyes, 
jet black hair, soft cheeks,
her thin pink lips,

here is a perfect woman…

He offered her acquaintance,
she accepted with a caramelized smile.
They exchanged numbers, shook hands,
he felt the surge of electricity.

She offered him friendship,
he accepted with silence flattery.
They ate dinner together, walked in the park –
she felt the promise of security.

He offered her love

she answered with hesitation.

“I have a family,” she said.
“Why didn’t you tell?!”

A pause…
A very long pause…

“You didn’t ask…”

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Day 7: Time Travel

One touch,
and it felt like it was yesterday…

I smelled the hanky in my hand
and the clock started to move backward.
Your sweet cherry scent was so powerful,
it turned back time,

but not me…

I had enough of the bitter liquid you offered.
( I almost vomited my heart out.)
Can’t you see?
You’re not a part of me anymore –

you’re just a memory…

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Day 6: Earthbender

Do you hear that?
It is the sound of rage…

I draw boulders from the earth
and make them collide against each other.
I enjoy how the big stones crumble
into defenseless ashes and smithereens…

I create mountains, reaching through the skies –
then I destroy them,
making them collapse
like helpless and voiceless… things.

(Maybe my heart is also made out of rock…)

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Day 5: It Ended with a Bang

Can you hear that BOOM?
It’s not an explosion – just
a defeated heart….


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Day 4: The Science of Deduction

The thrill that I feel
is on the back of my heel…

A half-filled cup of water tells me
that the drinker was a man –
chain smoker, alcoholic
and was unhappy with his marriage.

In a dark alley, I do not
see the narrow and quiet path,
but rather the woman in pink
murdered by a six-foot football player.

This is my blessing and my curse,
my life’s best and worst.
Be it against an unsolvable crime
or the diminishing sands of time,

I will play this game…

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Day 3: Balik Loob

Yakapin mo ako, O Panginoon,Jesus - Crown of Thorns
akong anak Mong makasalanan.
Tulungan Mo ang puso kong maghilom
ng mga sugat na aking nakamtan.

Ang koronang tinik sa Iyong ulo
ay dulot ng kawalan ng pagsamba Sa’yo.
Ang bigat ng krus na tangan Mo
ay galing sa pusong bulag at sarado.

Sa aking pagluhod, bigkas ko ang Iyong pangalan,
narito ako muli, ang Iyong alagad.
Ang puso ko’y Sa’yo magpakailanman
at ang pag-ibig Mo ang tangi kong hangad

Embrace me, Lord Jesus,
Your child that fell into sin.
Help my heart recover
from the wounds I have received.

The crown of thorns in Your head
is caused by the absence of prayer.
The weight of the cross that You carry
came from my blind and closed heart.

As I kneel, I call Your name,
here I am again, your servant.
My heart is Yours forevermore
and Your love is my only desire.


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